Darya Hancharova was born in 1995 in Minsk (Belarus). She graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice (Poland) with distinction and obtained her diploma at the Intaglio Techniques Studio in 2019.  Her work focuses on painting, book illustrations and intaglio techniques.

''In my series of graphics and paintings, I try to show the diversity and changeability of our identity. The graphics were created using the mezzotint technique. Our identity’s structure is infinitely complex and changing throughout our whole lives. I look at personality in its temporary status, its mosaic structure combining all our relationships, our life experiences and the world that surrounds us.

I look for the answer to the question about my own ‘me’. I try to connect, reconcile and verify what actually words I, consciousness, subconsciousness and brain mean. What I discover is that only the change is permanent and the idea of a human being as a uniform entity seems to be an illusion.''


– Ogólnopolski konkurs malarski Światłoczułość, III Nagroda, Toruń, 2020

– Mini-Maxi Print Exhibition, Galerie Kuchling, Berlin, Germany, 2020


International Triennial of Ex-libris and Small Format Print Graphics, Ekaterinburg, Russia 2020

– 11 International Biennial of Miniature Art, honorable mention, Częstochowa, Poland 2020


– 4th International Print Biennial in Čačak, Serbia 2020


– 3rd  International Biennial of Artworks on Paper, Prijedor, Bosnia and Hercegovina 2020


– 17th International Triennial of Small Graphic Forms, honorary medal, Łódź, Poland 2020


– Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland, Covasna, România 2020

– 29th National Review of Young Painting PROMOTIONS 2019, Legnica, Poland 2019


– Exhibition of finalists and honorable mention "A co z wartościami?", Wroclaw, Poland 2019

– Mini-Maxi Print Exhibition, Galerie Kuchling, Berlin, Germany, 2019

– 3rd International Contemporary Engraving Biennial "Iosif Iser", Palace of Culture of Iasi, Ploiesti, Romania 2019

– Mostra Internacional de Maneira Negra, International Mezzotint Exhibition, Campinas, Brazil 2019


– Group exhibition "Equinox", Brick City Gallery, Missouri State University, Art and Design Department, Springfield, Missouri, USA 2019

– XIV International Autumn Salon of Art, BWA, Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Poland 2019 


– XVII International Contest of Small Graphics and Exlibris, honorable mention, Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland 2019

– Exhibition of finalists and sponsor mention "Studencki Obraz Roku – ASP Katowice", Rondo sztuki, Katowice, Poland 2019

– I Triennial of Student Painting, exhibition of finalists, Rzeszow, Poland 2019


– Print Exhibition ''Ludzie z metalu'', Humbert Gallery, Crakow,  Poland 2019

– Print Exhibition ''Monochrome'', Absurdalna gallery, Katowice, Poland 2019

– Exhibition of finalists "Grand Prix Studencka Grafika Roku 2018”, ASP Katowice/ASP, Cracow, Poland 2019

– II printmaking competition  im. Jana Feliksa Piwowarskiego, exhibition of finalists, Warsaw, Poland 2018

– International painting competition of Franciszka Eibisch Fundation, exhibition of finalists, Warsaw, Poland 2018

– 3rd Macao Printmaking Triennial, Macao Contemporary Art Center - Navy Yard No.1., 2018

– Illustrator’s Salon,  International exhibition of illustration, Hol Wielki, Poznan, Poland 2018

Drawing competition Figurama 2018,  Poland 2018

– 3rd International painting competition of the Three Bridges Foundation, exhibition of finalists, Warsaw, Poland 2018

– 3rd International painting competition of the Three Bridges Foundation, exhibition of finalists, Cracow, Poland 2018

– Print Exhibition "Dialog z cyfrowym cieniem XI/2018", Gallery Faculty of Art UR, Rzeszow, Poland 2018

– Exhibition of finalists "Książka dobrze zaprojektowana 2018", Rondo Sztuki, Katowice, Poland 2018


– Exhibition of finalists and sponsor mention "Studencki Obraz Roku – ASP Katowice", Rondo sztuki, Katowice, Poland 2018

– Osten Biennial of Drawing, National Gallery Chifte Hammam,Skopje, Macedonia 2018


– Exhibition of finalists "Studencka Grafika Roku – ASP Katowice", Rondo sztuki, Katowice, Poland 2018

– Drawing competition Figurama 2017,  Poznan, Poland 2017

– 8th International Graphic Art Biennial, University Gallery “Vasko Lipovac”, Split, Croatia 2017

– Wa no Contemporary exhibition in Hiunkaku, Art Museum in Summer Night Castle, Takamatsu, Japan 2017

– XII Premio Internacional de Arte Gráfico Jesús Nüñez 2017 , A Coruna, Spain 2017

– Illustrators’ Salon, International exhibition of illustration, Poznan, Poland 2017

– XVIII Festiwal Sztuki Wysokiej, Bytom, Poland 2017

– International painting competition of Franciszki Eibisch Fundation, exhibition of finalists, Art Galery of Katarzyna Napiórkowska,

Warsaw, Poland 2017


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